JUN 15, 2020

A few days ago we shared the guidelines for the start-up of the pool. Once the start up is done, follow these tips to keep water quality and clean throughout the season.


Filtration = 80% of water treatment

Cleaning the pool

Clean the pool several times a week with a hand cleaner or robot.

Test the water and rectify if necessary

Simple and reliable systems are available to test the water in seconds and provide the pH level and disinfectants.
To be of good quality, pool water must be: clear, balanced, disinfected, disinfectant.
If necessary, correct the water by adding a product or simply adjusting the electrolyser.
Most disinfectants are more effective with a pH between 7.2 and 7.6. Do not go below 7 to avoid problems linked to the aggressiveness of the water.
The products will be applied with the filtration in operation and previously dissolved in water, never solid product directly in contact with the pool coating:


Water balance
Adjust the pH between 7.00 and 7.4 (7.4 and 7.6 with bromine)

Long-term disinfection = constant and regular supply of disinfectant
3 methods of disinfection: chlorine, oxygen and bromine

Fight against algae
To avoid algae growth, apply algae prevention once a week or monthly depending on the concentration of the product.

For crystal clear water, flocculate / clarify your water after the filter backwash
  Sand or glass filter = flocculation
  Cartridge filter = clarifier


If you have doubts or you can't get your pool clean, come with a sample of water to your Neda Pool Shop. We will analyze the water for free and we will recommend the ideal treatment

Helpful Tips:

Turbid water Is your pool water milky with an unpleasant odour?

Cause: Too much organic debris presents and an insufficient amount of disinfectant in the pool water, water imbalanced, poor filtration. Solution:

Rough pool walls Is your pool water cloudy and the pool walls rough?

Cause: Calcium precipitations in the pool water and calcium deposits on the pool walls. Solution:


Algae infestation Is your pool water green and pool walls and floor slippery?

Cause: Inadequate disinfection, high level of phosphates, spore contamination of the pool. Solution:


Green/brown water Is your pool water clear, but turns green or brown after adding chlorine? 

Cause: Iron ions are present in the pool water due to using well water containing iron, or due to corrosion caused by a low pH level. Solution:

Blue metallic water Does your pool water have a metallic shimmer and have there been cases of hair turning green?

Cause: Copper ions are present in the water due to corrosion, or by using algaecides containing copper sulfate. Solution:

Always use a non copper based algaecide such as Algiklean by PISCIMAR or Desalgine and Desalgine Jet by BAYROL. Multifunctional tablets from certain manufacturers contain copper sulfate for the destruction of algaes.

Chlorine odour and eye irritation Is the pool water giving off a strong chlorine odour, and are there cases of stinging eyes after using your pool?

Cause: A high amount of organic impurities (so called chloramines) in the pool water, due to a lack of chlorine in the water, and therefore an insufficient water disinfection. Solution:

Check out the Piscimar Neda 2020 magazine and discover all the useful information to solve the most common problems in your pool:  Green algae, Black or brown algae, Yellow algae, Pink algae, Eye and Skin Irritation, Cloudy water, Dirt over the water line, Limescale, Metal spots, Water leaks, Surface insects, Wasps, Pollen, Mud, Suntan oils…