JUN 01, 2020

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Solution to common problems: Green algae, Black or brown algae, Yellow algae, Pink algae, Eye and Skin Irritation, Cloudy water, Dirt over the water line, Limescale, Metal spots, Water leaks, Surface insects, Wasps, Pollen, Mud, Suntan oils…

Fast green water recovery, elimination of algae and bacteria in approximately 5 hours and then clarification of this in another 7 hours. Treatment compatible with all surfaces, disinfection treatments and types of filtrations with the exception of filter fibers. Each kit it is for the treatment of 50 m3 maximum.

Removes stains over all types of surfaces (Polyester, Liner and Tiles) and water color. It can be used on all types of surfaces, filter media and with any disinfection system. Includes multilingual user manual to perform the treatment. A maximum volume of 65m3 can be treated with each kit.

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