DEC 02, 2015
The cold has now settled in all over the country, so it's better to get used to it as soon as possible to be ready for its harmful effects, especially those related to your pool. 
We've already explained how wintering should be done, and it should have been done by now. In this article we’ll also give you some tips on preventing the water in your pool from freezing at low temperatures.
Especially during the night and in the morning, temperatures reach their lowest levels, and it is at these times when the risk of frosts is highest. Move and circulating the pool water will prevent it from freezing. We advise you to programme the pump to run for about 10 minutes every day at the time when you see that the minimum temperatures are recorded.
You can also place wintering floats on the surface of the pool, or empty plastic flasks with a stopper, so they can move through the water and stop it from freezing.
It is very important to prevent the pool water from freezing, because if this happens, the pressure of the ice can damage the structure of the vessel and the lining.