MAY 14, 2017
Saline chlorination is the process in which common salt (sodium chloride) is added to the pool water. This method works with a saline chlorinator in place of chemical chlorine, using substances less harmful to hygiene and personal care. During the process, the filtration system generates the necessary chlorine gas through electrolysis, which disinfects the water and turns it back into salt, creating a continuous closed cycle with minimal salt loss. It allows  the water to be conserved and reduces the consumption of its volume, and is more environmentally-friendly and sustainable.

This system enables more efficient disinfection, resulting in better water quality. Apart from being less aggressive, the combination of chlorine with the agents generated during the electrolysis and the oxidation of the organic matter in the pool prevents the formation of algae and bacteria. It’s therefore very important to consider its inclusion in public swimming pools, taking into account the existence of specialised equipment for them. Furthermore, its technology is highly tested and has been used in 95% of swimming pools in Australia for over 30 years.

The maintenance of stable levels and the low consumption of chemical products generate significant financial and maintenance savings. Thanks to the saline electrolysis, the regulation and dosing process is automatic. However, regular checking is important to keep it working properly. The absence of chlorine eliminates the risks of transport and handling.

Saltwater pools offer a host of benefits for personal care. Since the water is healthier and performs thalassotherapy functions, it avoids irritation of the eyes and skin with the removal of chloramines and protects the hair from being damaged. It also eliminates excess incorporation of isocyanuric acid and is considered a natural antiseptic for decongestant and dermatological treatments. Its iodine content provides more natural tanning.

Finally, the bathing experience is more pleasant due to the concentration of salt in the water and the body (increasing the comfort according to the nearness of the concentration between the two). The reduction of the osmotic pressure in the skin cells delays the formation of wrinkles.

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