MAR 01, 2017
We often associate the spa with large spas and health centres, but thanks to the solutions offered by domestic spas, everyone can now enjoy good hydrotherapy without leaving home.

The concept that we understand today as a "spa" (baths at different temperatures and with different pressures) is a very old one. Romans, Egyptians and Turks had already built public spas and baths where they enjoyed the benefits of water.

The interaction with water at different temperatures and pressures produces a relaxing effect for both body and mind.

Jacuzzis or hydro massage baths also enable you to experience a feeling of buoyancy, providing complete relaxation of the body.

In addition to relaxation, the combination of buoyancy, warm temperature and pressure changes can provide health benefits, as they dilate the blood vessels and aid circulation. People with chronic pain or arthritis, muscle stiffness, circulation problems, headaches, sleep disorders, and also diabetes sufferers can alleviate the symptoms and contribute to their well-being.

The structure of each spa is chosen based on each home’s needs and available space. Good distribution of the jets will enable you to play with varying their inclination, to obtain one effect or another, depending on your wishes: focusing pressure on a body area, general massage, gentle relaxation, etc

With a spa at home you can relax and soothe your mind and body, or enjoy the water with family and friends in complete comfort.

In NEDA shops you’ll find a great display and the best advice for choosing the hydro massage of the most appropriate dimensions, its capacity, weight, number of seats, number of jets, filters, etc.

And everything you can imagine for making a customised spa!