JUN 14, 2023
Did you know that you can save on your pool bill while taking care of the environment?

Do you want to know how? Join the savings with Eco Days! We'll be showing you a range of more sustainable products designed to keep your pool clean, clear and safe, while caring for the environment, saving resources and money in the process. There will be a before and after in the consumption of your bills, welcome to the era of savings!

Did you know that 9 cm of water can evaporate every day in the middle of summer, or that almost 900 litres are wasted every time you clean your traditional pool filter?
Prevent evaporation of pool water with a pool cover and you will save a lot of water and chemicals.
By using an automatic cleaning robot together with salt electrolysis, you not only treat the water with healthier, more sustainable and automatic solutions, but you also maintain the results of this treatment for longer, as you do not waste water during cleaning that would have to be replenished and treated again.

Do you know what a Full Inverter heat pump and a variable speed filtration pump have in common? Both have the ability to adapt their mode of operation to the time and needs of your pool. In this way, their efficiency is maximum and they reduce energy waste while helping to reduce your electricity bills.

Controlling the quality of your pool water is an essential and indispensable process to ensure a perfect swimming experience. By combining a variable speed pump with salt electrolysis in your pool, you can have a longer filtration period resulting in more efficient water treatment. This, together with the natural disinfection generated by salt electrolysis, will reduce the need for chemicals to maintain your pool. Enjoy swimming without eye irritation and itchy skin while saving on your electricity bills.

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