JAN 17, 2023

We have selected a range of « eco-conscious » equipment to help you create a more sustainable pool experience.

The filtration system is at the heart of a pool. You can create a more sustainable pool through reduced energy consumption and water conservation.


Guaranteed energy savings and silence
Thanks to its variable speed, the FloPro VS pump has two major advantages: reduced electricity consumption by up to 90% and an ultra- silent operating mode, up to 24 dB(A) quieter*, which is similar to the sound level in a library.

Smart operation
Thanks to its 8 programmable speeds, ranging from 600 to 3,450 rpm, different speeds can be set for each pool function (normal filtration, heating, cleaning, etc.) for optimised management of your electricity consumption.


Up to 50% less backwash water
Sand needs - according to DIN standards - to be backwashed at 60m/h for 5 minutes or longer. AFM® only needs 40 to 50 m/h backwash velocity. The backwash efficiency is higher, because no biofilm is coagulating the grains and a backwash duration of 4 minutes is enough to remove all particles. As a result, approx. 50% of the backwash water can be saved.

Filter maintenance
A major cost factor is the cost of replacing the media (removal, disposal and filling with new media). These costs are the same for AFM® and sand, but the life expectancy of AFM® is much higher than sand. AFM® outlasts all other filter media and offers a guaranteed return on investment.

heat pump is the economical and ecological heating solution as it is a thermodynamic system: it takes calories from the air and transfers on average 5 times more energy directly to the water.

Finally it is recommended to add a
thermal cover to the heat pump. The cover helps reduce water evaporation up to 96% and heat losses up to 80%. As a result, the required heat pump power is divided by 2 on average.

Thanks to our
automatic water treatment solutions, the need to renew pool water can be significantly reduced.

electrolysis and/or UV solutions, the use of chemical products for water disinfection can be minimized.

Finally, when using the
Magnapool® system, with crystal clear glass media, water savings during filter backwashes can reach up to 75%.

With a very long lifetime - up to 20 times longer than halogen lighting and a top quality lighting, our
LED techonology reduces electrical consumption up to 97% vs halogens.

Our range is made of high-quality LEDs and electronic components and manufactured entirely in the EU according to European quality standards.

All products can act together to make it a more efficient ecosystem.

The iAqualink app hub allows users to more easily manage their pool equipment : daily filtration and/or heating can be adjusted based on seasonal needs, thus optimizing energy consumption.

Blue Connect Plus provides all water parameters to users via the BlueRiiot app which also delivers in-app advices for an easier pool maintenance with only the right amount of chemicals used.

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