FEB 09, 2021
Multifunctional tablets from certain manufacturers contain copper sulphate for the destruction of algaes. However, very few pool owners know about the negative impacts the use of copper based products in their pool could have:
Our recommendation: Take care and reconsider when buying multifunctional & algaecide products containing copper sulphate!


Chlorilong® POWER 5 is a slow dissolving 250 g multifunctional pool chlorine tablet with the following characteristics: continuous disinfection to eliminate bacteria and remove turbidity in the pool water, algae destruction, flocculation, hardness and chlorine stabilisation. DO NOT CONTAIN COPPER SULPHATE
Algiklean is a double action product, it combats algae and makes the water sparkling clean. Can be used working together with a salt generator, as a base algaecide at the start of the season and as shock treatment if the pool turns green. It is compatible with superchlorination, does not produce scum or foam and contains no metal ions. DO NOT CONTAIN COPPER SULFATE

Does your pool water have a metallic shimmer and have there been cases of hair turning green?

Copper ions are present in the water due to corrosion, or by using algaecides containing copper sulphate.


Does the joints and walls of your pool have lilac-coloured stains?

Surface colorations