OCT 01, 2019
The sauna has very beneficial effects on the organism, in releasing, by means of sweating, which can be abundant and fast, towins and actívate blood circulation. It is always accompanied by temperatura contrasts. After the warm session, it is followed by a refredament session, which broadens the effects of sweating. It is pren with hygienic and therapeutic purposes. It improves breathing and contributes to purifying the body and strengthening the immune system.

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The Finnish sauna uses dry heat, which isa round 80-100 degrees, while the relative humidity does not reach 15%, which leads to abundant perspiration by the body as a cooling mechanism.

The heat of the Finnish sauna is obtained by heating non areniscas stones with electrical resistances, which make the stones reach red and release dry heat. It has innumerable benefits as:

• It improves the cardiovascular System.
• Eliminates toxins.
• Improves breathing.
• Influence on the joints.
• Importance in sport, helps to recover muscles and body after effort.

Models available:

•    ZEN: Epicea wood from Canada and serial stove.
•    VENETIAN: Large glass surfaces with elegant blinds. Abachi wooden benches.
•    HYBRID COMBI: A good solution if it is not clear which saune to choose.
•    COMBI ACCESS: For people with reduced mobility.
•    ECCOLO: Sauna with high energy efficiency to reduce electricity consumption.
•    BARREL: Outdoor sauna with capacity for up to 6 people.


Infrared saunas are recommended by doctors and therapists to relieve muscle contractures and joint pain.

The depth of heat penetration in the infrared sauna is greater than that of the steam sauna. The heat penetrates the muscle tissue and this is precisely where the beneficial properties of theat therapy work.

They achieve a lower temperature than traditional saunas, consume less and reach the desired temperature earlier.

Models available:

•    APOLLON: Epicea wood from Canada.
•    LUXE: Read cedar wood 100% Canadian.
•    MULTIWAVE: Healthy dual infrared technology, red cedar exterior.
•    SPECTRA:  Healthy dual technology and Canadian Epicea wood.

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