JUL 15, 2019
The maintenance of the swimming pool is an essential task to be able to enjoy the bath in a clean and transparent water.

Within this maintenance the puriier is a very important part, since it is the team responsible for cleaning and filtering impurities from the water so that we can bathe safely.

Before adding any chemical product to your pool, check that the alkalinity is between 80-120 ppm, the pH is between 7-7.2, free chlorine between 1-2 ppm. Let the water recirculate for at least 8 hours. Depending on whether many suspended particles accumulatte in your pool (dust, pollen, sand...), you should add flocculant / coagulant that agglutinates them because the filter or cleaner can absorb them. If after doing this process, the chlorine and pH levels are within the recommended standards, your pool is ready to open!

If you have your pool between these levels and still have problems, at NEDA we consider good chemical control of the water in your pool or spa to be of vital importance. For this reason, we offer you a free, immediate and totally personalized service that will allow you to know the different levels of chemical parameters of the water.

Based on this analysis, we can recommend the chemical treatment necessary to adjust these parameters to their optimal level or to solve any existing problem such as algae, turbid water, etc.


Problem due to an Alkalinity and PH not balanced, Poor Filtration or swimmers overload.
1. Analyze and adjust Alkalinity at 100 ppm with PM-642 LOW T.A. or PM-612 SUBE T.A. and the pH at 7.2, with PM-601 BAJA pH or PM-632 SUBE pH POVO, according to needs.
2. Make a backwash to the filter, if problem persist, review and check media filter. Renew it with PM-112 SILNET or with PM-152 TEXNET.
3. Help the filter to get better performance with PM-613 GOLDENFLOK or PM-663 CLEANPOOL TAB20.

Excess of fats, sun creams, body oils.
1. Clean waterline with PM-101 POOLNET or PM-111 LINNET.
2. Dose regularly PM-613 GOLDENFLOK or PM-643 ULTRACLEAR.

Spore contamination of the pool. Brush the affected areas with wire brush and apply stainless steel 1, 5 L / 100m3 of PM-624 ALGIBLACK.

Resistant algae to disinfectants and algaecides.
1. Analyze phosphates level.
2. If is lower than 500 ppb apply PM-625 PHOSOUT and if it is higher than 500 ppb apply PM-675 PHOSOUT 3XL.
3. Wait 8 hours and apply PM-634 ALGIKLEAN.

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