JUN 08, 2019
Do you know how much your saline electrolysis all costs?
Improve the performance and shelf life of your pool´s saltwater chlorinator with Save Cell.


Save Cell is a multifunctional product ideal for the star-up, proper operation and maintenance of electrodes or salt electrolysis cell.

It protects the cell from calcareous incrustations that impede the production of chlorine and can cause severe perforation irreversibly damaging the electrodes. In addition, it eliminates the phosphates that are generated in greater measure in these equipments and they make difficult the maintenance and finally it clarifies the water of spectacular form.

With the use of Save Cell we will extend the useful life of the cell, we will reduce the consumption of water and electricity and we will improve the production of disinfectant, therefore, we will generate an important economic saving and a simpler maintenance of the swimming pool.

• 30% longer cell life.
• Reduces phosphates.
• Improve your team´s performance.
• Increases chlorine production.
• Facilitates pool maintenance.

Example mode and dose:

1. Clean the cell previously with our special cleaner for Celnet electrolysis, submerging the electrodes for at least 10 minutes and rinse with plenty of water.
2. Add 1 litre for every 10m3 of water with Save Cell when starting up the equipment or treatment, spreading all around the perimeter.
3. Repeat its application at leat every 2 months and if there is a significant renewal of water add the proportional part of the product.

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