MAY 17, 2019
Summer is approaching and it´s time to prepare your pool. It is necessary to regulate the parameters of the water and to leave it prepared for the first baths.

At Neda we want to help you; visit our blog and follow the 5 steps to get started

1. Adjust alkalinity. Recommended value: between 110 and 120 ppm.
Setting TAC at 100 PPM will see how the pH doesn´t bounces and will consume less disinfectant.

2. Adjust pH. Recommended value: 7,2.
Set pH at 7.2 chlorine disinfection rise up to 80% of this capacity.
Not all balancers are as effective.

3. Remove phosphates (food of algae). Recommended value: 0 ppb.
Phosphates are the food of algae, essential to do photosynthesis and develop, therefore we recommend analyzing your concentration at the beginning of season with the phosphate kit and if there is a presence do a treatment with one of our eliminators of Phosphates. The maintenance of the pool will be much more single and economical.

4. Shock treatment. Disinfection
Before a shock treatment adjust Alkalinity and pH. They´ll be more effectives and fasters.

5. Disinfection: the best treatment for your pool. Recommended value: between 1 and 2 ppm of free chlorine.

It is also important to take care of it regularly, this will help to facilitate and speed up its adjustment.

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