MAR 15, 2019

Pool heating is synonymous of advancing the swimming season, increasing the water in your pool by a few degrees. There are technologies for all types of pools, public or private, indoor and outdoor, new or existing.

When choosing the most suitable heating system, factors such as the type of pool, the ambient temperature or the humidity level must be taken into account, especially in outdoor pools.

We have a wide range of heat pumps to enjoy your pool longer extending the swimming season.

The outdoor air-water heat pumps take advantage of the heat from the outdoor air to heat the pool water, keeping it at the desired temperature.

Indoor air-to-water heat pumps are ideal for residential pools with year-round use.

Bathe in the desired temperatures to enjoy the pool in all seasons.

The Z400IQ heat pump has a unique and elegant design with simple lines. Thanks to its SILENCE mode and vertical air outlet, it is a discreet and quiet heat pump, which can be installed anywhere, even in very confined spaces. With your smartphone you can monitor and adjust different operating modes of your Z400 IQ.

In the NEDA shops you will find a great exhibition of products for your pool and personalised advice to suit your tastes and needs. Build your swimming pool to measure, make your space yours.