NOV 07, 2018
Winter is here and the temperature has dropped. If you don’t have a heating system for your pool, the water temperature has probably dropped to 15 degrees or even lower. Wintering is necessary to safeguard your pool and keep it in good condition for the next season. The installations must be checked and the condition of the water monitored at all times.
We at Neda want to help you. Follow these 7 steps to keep your pool and its installations in perfect condition:
  1. Clean the pool. Brush the walls and vacuum the bottom.
  2. Thoroughly clean the filter.
  3. Do a “shock” chlorination using granulated chlorine (1kg/50 m3).
  4. After 24 hours, analyse the pH level and adjust it to between 7.0 and 7.2.
  5. To prevent calcareous inlay in the pool vessel, add 1.5L of Calcinex Pool for every 50 m3. Add the wintering fluids, following the manufacturer’s recommendations, and then run the filtration for about 8 hours to ensure the product is perfectly distributed through the water. Products like Ivernet and Calcinex will help you prevent lime building up, algae being created or water decomposing in your pool.
  6. Add 1L of Ivernet for every 10 m3and filter for 8 hours.
  7. We recommend filtering for 2 hours a day and that there’s always a chlorine tablet in every skimmer. If you want to leave the pool filtering system off during the winter, we recommend using Iverfilter. This product prevents the filter sand from compacting and becoming infected.
Wintering is easy and cost-effective
In addition to these 7 steps, bear in mind that a protective cover will help you keep the pool practically free of dust, leaves, insects or dirt throughout the year. So it’s highly recommendable to protect it with a cover. 
And remember, as well as protecting it, this will allow you to save on maintenance, water and start-up costs!
At our NEDA SHOPS you’ll find a wide range of products for your pool, as well as personalised advice adjusted to your tastes and needs. Custom-build your pool, make your space your own.

​Calcinex is a stable chlorine liquid that prevents the appearance of lime and metals on the surfaces of your pool. It makes the lime become suspended in the water and not stick to the walls or the bottom. Dosing 300 ml of Calcinex® for every 10 m³ of fresh water after filling the pool will prevent the formation of these types of deposits.

PM-650 Ivernet 6M 
The product PM-650 Ivernet 6M prevents the creation of algae, the decomposition of water, and lime becoming encrusted on the walls and bottom of the pool. Maintain a single dose of 1 L for every 10/15 m3 of water for 6 months.