AUG 30, 2018
Have a spa at home, the alternative way to relax, disconnect from work or after holidays and give a good rest to our body and musculature. The main task is to keep the water in a good condition in dedicated spaces to the Health and Well-being.
Relying on a good professional advisory team during the early stages it is very important, to determinate the special care about the type of Spa you have chosen.
Water filling
Once we had filled the Spa with new water we need to use SM-440STARTERS.
Sanitizer’s activator to help other products to work better and have a higher performance, by reducing the consumption of disinfectants. This will give to the water a higher quality and bath comfort.

Adjusting the PH level, balanced water
It is important to pay attention to the PH level of the water in our Spa, which must always be between 7.0 and 7.2, giving a balance to the water when it’s needed with SM-601 LOW PH to lower the PH of the water in an easy and safe way, or by using SM-612 SUBE PH that increases the PH level and total alkalinity.

Water disinfection
SM-572 MAXIBROM 20, Disinfecting product with bromine for Spas. This product provides an increasing performance and duration in the water of the Spa thanks to its formula and a most compact tablet. It does not produce odours in addition it does not affect to the skin and eyes. The bromine level must be between 3 and 6 ppm.

Special Spa Products
Dual action which removes stain and kidnaps metals and lime, extending your Spa’s life.
Removes the foam Spa’s surface of quick-impact.
Polishes the water in an enzymatic way (natural and ecological), eliminates all greases and particles suspended in the water.
Cleans, and dissolves the lime from inside the Spa’s pipes.