MAY 11, 2018

Achieve a transparent surface and eliminate the causes of pollination

Spring is here, and that means more and more pollen. The rising temperatures and good weather bring a build-up in every corner of our garden and also at our pool. So it’s time to get rid of your waste and get the pool ready to use!
Having a maintenance visit to your pool and a pre-cleaning check during the year will help you to speed up the process of getting it into perfect condition. Even so, water can be affected by the causes of pollination and take on a yellowish look.

A clarifying product will help keep your pool bright and clean by removing the dirt and particles that invade the water during the Spring. As well as cleaning, the coagulating quality of the GoldenFlok product by Piscimar brightens the water, traps mud and removes traces of sunscreen and pollen. This is important, since sunscreens also stain the pool, forming an oily film and impregnating the walls. This product prevents staining at the waterline and, being a coagulant, is more efficient at eliminating this type of waste, since it succeeds in trapping more particles than flocculating products.

Don’t wait any longer to usher in your pool! One of our Neda specialists will help you check its condition in 15 minutes, free of charge - so you can enjoy it as soon as you like!

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