NOV 12, 2017
The temperatures keeps dropping and the cold puts paid to outdoor bathing. The time has come to prepare and safeguard the pool to keep it in good condition during the winter. Wintering is vital to keeping the installations in optimum condition and having total control of the water, leaving it ready for the good weather. Do you know how to do it? We’ll help you!
Caring for the pool and following the steps necessary to keep it from becoming damaged and adapting it to the conditions helps to save on costs (maintenance, water and start-up)
and lets you keep it in good condition throughout the year. This way, applying chemical products cleans and disinfects the water so it can be reused the following season. Wintering is easy and profitable. The following 7 steps will let you keep the water and installations of your pool in good condition:
1. Clean the pool vessel and brush the walls and bottom. Use the bottom cleaner to remove residues.
2. Clean the filter.
3. Do a shock chlorination to disinfect the water to the maximum and keep it free of bacteria.
4. The next day, analyse the pH level and adjust it if necessary.
5. Add the wintering liquids following the manufacturer's recommendations and then filter for about 8 hours to ensure perfect distribution of the product in the water. Products like Ivernet and Calcinex will help you avoid lime, the creation of algae or the decomposition of the water in your pool.
6. Whenever possible, filter for a couple of hours a day using one chlorine tablet for every 25 m3.
7. Renew the application of wintering liquids in mid-winter, until January or February.
Having a thermal cover will help keep the pool practically free of dust, leaves, insects or dirt during the year. Therefore it is highly recommended to cover it with a tarpaulin. Don’t neglect your pool, and protect it from the risks of winter and inactivity!
Keep in mind that if you’re thinking about building or renovating your pool or spa, now’s the best time to do it while still enjoying it!
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Calcinex is a stable chlorine liquid that prevents the appearance of lime and metals on the surfaces of your pool. It makes the lime become suspended in the water and not stick to the walls or the bottom. Dosing 300 ml of Calcinex® for every 10 m³ of fresh water after filling the pool will prevent the formation of these types of deposits.

PM-650 Ivernet 6M 
The product PM-650 Ivernet 6M prevents the creation of algae, the decomposition of water, and lime becoming encrusted on the walls and bottom of the pool. Maintain a single dose of 1 L for every 10/15 m3 of water for 6 months.