OCT 23, 2017
By heating your swimming pool you can enjoy bathing outdoors whenever you want, since the thermoregulation of the water maintains the ideal temperature and lets you use your pool in the autumn too. Why limit it to the hot months? Prolong the bathing season!

Get more out of your pool and save it from the risks of inactivity, weather and rain. Our heating systems let you keep the water in good condition, adapt the installations and increase energy and water savings, so that you can enjoy the sensations of summer.

Some of the options for achieving this are solar heaters, heat pumps or thermal covers. The easy installation and the low consumption of the heat pumps achieve high calorific efficiency and greater savings, as it operates using the activity generated through the air and water. Used along with the thermal covers, temperature losses and water evaporation are reduced.

That’s why they also help you prepare for the winter season, by preventing the entry of dust, leaves, insects and dirt, taking care of the condition of the water, maintaining the pool well kept during the winter, and enabling you to reuse water year after year. However, first make sure you have it in good condition. At NEDA, we offer you a free thermal analysis of your pool.

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