JUL 24, 2017
Liven up your garden and customise your pool with good lighting! Practicality and looks come together to let you enjoy well-being and comfort ... Can you imagine being in your pool at the end of the day?

The technological advancements of LED lighting bring many advantages, but its low maintenance and energy consumption make them more efficient and ensure greater durability and safety. It’s more resistant to heat and knocks than conventional lighting. However, in addition to being practical, as it can be used 24 hours a day, it illuminates the pool edge in the dark, making it an essential safety feature.

Its versatility allows you to create unique spaces and give your garden the atmosphere you want, with soft light to relax with at night-time, or coloured lights to prepare a dinner with your friends. With a variety of shapes, arrangements, colours, intensities and designs, your pool lighting creates the ideal atmosphere.

Sophistication, elegance and personality come together to let you play at creating different settings. Enjoy your pool at any time of the day.

At NEDA shops you’ll find a great display of products for your pool and personalised advice to suit your tastes and needs. Construct your customised pool. Make your space your own