JUN 27, 2017
Blue helps you look after the water in your pool 24 hours a day, even when you’re not at home.

Strong points of the smart water analyser:
- Discrete and intelligent design that adapts to all pools
- Connected. Blue uses the Sigfox network, a French technology that doesn’t interfere with the internet connection. Moreover, it’s Bluetooth compatible.
- A cutting-edge technology that measures the condition of water for 24 hours, continuously and reliably.
- Eco-conception. Blue has been conceived to last. Easy to maintain.
- Measure the temperature, the pH, the ORP (Redox) and the conductivity thanks to the Riiot Labs all-in-one sensor.

Features of the Blue water analyser mobile app:
- Clear data. You can follow the water quality and weather forecasts  in real time, all with a single app.
- Real time notifications. Blue helps you take care of your pool and your family by sending you smart notifications.
- It saves time and money. The step-by-step guide produced by pool professionals enables Blue to advise you on how the get the best out of its chemical products.

Forget problems with your pool; Blue watches over it for you. You’ll find it at our NEDA shops