OCT 07, 2015
If you think that having a pool at home costs a lot of money and energy, we’d like to tell you how you can make your pool sustainable and make savings on its equipment.
From disinfection to lighting, any detail of your pool can contribute to your saving and to the health of the planet.
An example may be replacing the chlorine tablets with more ecological treatments, such as installing a chlorinated saline system. Also, not throwing away plastic containers will gain you storage space.
You’ll also notice a great energy saving on lighting if you replace your halogen lamps with LED projectors. It‘s a worthwhile investment, since LED bulbs consume much less and have a much longer life span.
Your garden is exposed to the sun all day, so why not use its energy? Installing a shower that works using solar energy will give you hot water without spending on electricity or gas. You can also take advantage of solar energy to heat your pool.
You can also save on filtering. Installing a variable-speed pump in the pool will let you modify the speed, flow and energy consumption according to your needs. These types of pump are an efficient solution, which brings significant energy savings and greatly reduced CO2 emissions.
So if you're planning to build a pool or make some improvements to what you already have, use the opportunity to make it more sustainable. The environment and your pocket will appreciate it in the long run.