NOV 24, 2015
In the summer, with the sun, the heat and people diving into it daily, it’s normal for the water level of your pool to drop considerably every day. Out of season, however, seeing a drop of more than half a centimetre per day may be a sign of a leak in the pool. The good thing about the winter is that it’s easy to spot. We’ll show you a few tips for checking it. 
The first step is to make sure that you actually have a leak. If you haven’t noticed an area damper than usual and you’ve checked the filtration equipment and it isn’t losing water, you can use the bucket trick. Put a bucket on a pool stairwell (with weight inside so it doesn’t float and keeps still) and fill it with water to the same level as the pool. Mark  the water line inside and out and check it after 24 hours. If the water level in the pool has dropped a lot more than that of the bucket, it’s confirmed: you have a leak. We advise you to do this with the power source on and off (to rule out the leak being in the filtration system).
Once you’ve confirmed that there’s a leak, it’s time to detect where it is. Check where the water level stops dropping. If it stops at the skimmer, this means that the leak is either there or in the filtration system (including from the pipes to the pump itself). If it stops at the jets, the leak is probably in one of their joints. In the worst case, the water level can continue to drop, which means that the leak is in the walls of the vessel or in the bottom. 
If you reach this point, you must contact a professional who can confirm where the leak is located and repair it as soon as possible.