MAR 21, 2017
Heat pumps efficiently and economically enable heat regulation of the pool and an increase in its temperature adjustable to taste, bringing the bathing season forward and getting more out of it. Used together with the installation of automatic covers, they reduce temperature loss and water evaporation. 
Bathing at the end of the working day or doing sport in the water improves our well-being. In addition, the physical activity that we can do in our pools aids the functioning of the circulatory system and our physical condition. Will we miss out on it?
The energy consumption involved in running heat pumps is very small, since most of the energy is taken from the air. Therefore, they should ideally be integrated into the filtration system, which takes advantage of the flow of the circulating water to warm up and gradually blend into the pool. Producing more heat energy than it consumes makes it highly efficient.
Installation is simple and easy. They’re resilient devices, with low maintenance. They’re adaptable to the needs of each pool. 
They provide us with many physical and psychological benefits, from exercising our body, relaxing our muscles or helping our circulation, to disconnecting, improving self-esteem or calming our minds. Choose when you relax and at what temperature. 
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