AUG 18, 2015
We like pools with clear, crystalline water, but sometimes it becomes cloudy and it can be difficult to find the cause. We’ll try to work out why your water may become cloudy and how you can return it to perfection.
The most common cause is that the filter isn’t blocking smaller particles such as dust or remnants of creams and organic waste that bathers are leaving in the water. Being very fine, these particles pass through the filter and filtering means (sand or glass), which return them to the pool.
In this case, you’ll have to apply flocculant, which is a chemical agent that combines the small particles together, forming larger groups of particles which can then be collected using the bottom cleaner. Let the flocculant work overnight, then next day clean the bottom and run the filter until the water is clear again.
It may also be that your pool's filter is inadequate for the number of bathers using the pool, or that on some occasion there have been more people bathing than usual. Another possibility is that your filter's sand is too dirty and has stopped retaining waste. In these cases the solution is to wash or change the sand.
Other causes of cloudy water include excessive water hardness (meaning you’ll have to use an anti-scale product) or a pH imbalance.
Whatever the possible cause, the safest way is always to take a water sample and analyse the parameters. Come to any of our shops and we’ll do a free on-the-spot analysis for you.