APR 10, 2017

For the set-up of your pool it is important to start preparing it in spring and have the necessary time, as that the suitable conditions require. Setting aside time to solve any small problems that arise will help you enjoy it as soon as you can. To this end, you’ll need the help of a specialist who can analyse and determine the condition of the water to adapt the solution and be able to offer the optimal conditions, dealing with every hitch personally. Regularly checking the condition of the water and cleaning it will make the process faster and easier.
If you don’t want the summer to catch you by surprise, here’s how to do it in 5 steps:
1. Adjust the alkalinity to the recommended values (between 80 and 120ppm)
2. Adjust the pH to between 7.2 and 7.4
3. Eliminate phosphates (nutrients that serve as food for algae)
Measure these parameters using a water analyser. The simplest and cheapest ones usually at least measure the chlorine and pH. You can always keep it handy to ensure good daily maintenance of your pool, or you can bring a sample of water to any of our NEDA stores and we’ll analyse it free of charge.
4. Do a shock treatment if the water in your pool is new, if you’ve done a wintering treatment or if the water is green.
5. Finally, disinfect the water to make it healthy. For this purpose, the chlorine released must be between 1 and 2 ppm. Let the water recirculate for at least 8 hours. Depending on the amount of particles in suspension (dust, pollen, sand, etc) accumulated in your pool, you must add a flocculant/coagulant to bind them so that the filter or cleaner can absorb them.
If the chlorine and pH levels are within the recommended levels after this process, your pool is ready for its debut!
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