AUG 08, 2018
If the water irritates your skin and your eyes, incorporate the MagnaPool system, an exclusive, magnesium-based water treatment that enriches the water of your pool with minerals to make it healthier, more balanced and environmentally friendly​​.

Atopic dermatitis often affects sensitive skin and damages it, producing symptoms such as rashes, itching, stinging and redness in the areas that are most affected by the sensitivity of those who suffer from it. This type of skin is very common and especially affects young children and babies, so it’s essential to keep an eye on it and avoid further outbreaks by looking after it daily.
The skin damage that can occur usually coincides with changes in temperature, and water is one of the factors that most aggravates it. In the case of chlorine, it can accentuate the redness and irritability of these areas and further dry the skin, so applying a treatment that provides good water quality without adding chemical products for disinfection will enhance your enjoyment of the pool. The natural purifying properties generated by the Hydroxinator enable the MagnaPool treatment to act smoothly and constantly, with lower and regular chlorination (40% less chloramines). This makes the water destabilise, reducing its irritating effect and making it less aggressive.
In addition, you can obtain a meticulous filtration with the addition of Crystal Clear, along with greater water clarifying power with the magnesium of the MagnaPool minerals, providing soft, transparent water that enhances the feeling of comfort in your pool. The few resources that it requires also result in important economic, energy and water maintenance savings.

Irritation and itching of the eyes, which also increase in summer, will also benefit from submerging in a pool treated with MagnaPool, since the fewer chemical substances your pool water contains, the less harmful it will be to the more delicate areas of your body.
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