MAY 24, 2018

When thinking of a pool in perfect condition, crystal clear water is surely one of the first requirements. Discover the advantages of the glass filter and achieve the best filtration for your pool​​.

The Vidromar glass filter is a recycled glass for filtration systems, developed with high activation technology to achieve ideal filtering, improving  the transparency of the water by up to 75%. Its durability and the high quality of its results provide great energy saving since, even when running for shorter periods, the results are more satisfactory. Specifically, you can save up to 80% in water and energy, and 30% in chemical products, even minimising load loss, since the pump works under less strain and therefore consumes less.

In this way, activating it prevents compacting and agglomeration of dirt in the filter and allows hydraulic systems such as skimmers, recirculation or bottom cleaners to work better, meaning that the water is in constant movement and becomes purer.
This system makes the water healthier, cleaner and more resistant to wastage. That’s why applying it is not only ideal for private pools, but also works more effectively for public swimming pools or hotel chains, where swimming pools and their filtering systems must ensure that the water is always in perfect condition.
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